Please Don’t Shoot the Clowns

The Orem Police department has gone viral with their response about the “Clown Epidemic” in the area. Here is what they had to say taken from their facebook page:

Here’s seven words we never thought we’d be saying…..”Let’s have a serious talk about clowns”.

We have answered over 40 questions on FB and a few dozen calls at our dispatch center about clowns today. It’s not the number of calls or messages that is concerning but the content of the messages.

“Can I shoot or take action against someone that is dressed up like a clown”? That’s not a simple yes or no question. It has a lot of variables to it.

Utah’s law on force against another person (76-2-407) can be found at:

We can’t answer every situation here in this forum, there are to many ifs.

We understand that clowns to some people are already “creepy” and some people have a phobia of them, we see that. However, if someone is standing on the sidewalk, dressed like a clown and they don’t have any weapons and they are just standing there not chasing anyone around and you call us, when we respond and that person decides to look at us and walk the other way without saying a word, we can’t do anything.

If you call, we will answer the phone and we will send an officer out. Thats what we do. Just understand that sometimes we can’t do anything about it, if no laws are being broken.

Please remember that everything you read online is not always true. Some of these clown stories circulating around have been made up.

A few things you can count on: 1. We will continue to field calls about clowns. 2. We will respond to complaints as they come in.
3. Young teens/adults will now see this SM fueled scare tactic as an excuse to dress up like clowns and frighten people. 4. If you are planning on dressing up like a clown and chasing kids around to scare them, plan on facing some criminal charges.

If you are concerned please call us, 801-229-7070. Like we always have, we ask that you remain vigilant at home and while you’re out and about. This goes for when you see, Joe Citizen in a dark parking lot or someone dressed up like a Clown.

Find out more on their page by clicking: here

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